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Some three years ago, Powerful Allies made the decision to procure only 100% Renewable Source electricity for our clients, many of whom were faced with the unenviable dilemma of using either low cost “brown” energy or more expensive “green” electricity. We viewed this choice as unacceptable, and so spent many months negotiating with suppliers to remove any additional charges they attempted to apply to green electricity. The result is that all Powerful Allies electricity contracts are from 100% Renewable sources at Zero added cost to our client; this was then and remains now a unique achievement, enabling all our clients to automatically benefit from the lowest emission electricity sources without impact on already stretched budgets.

What is 100% Renewable source energy?

The term ‘renewable energy’ relates to those energies which are seen as free of or low carbon and which are not depleted through their repeated use. They are cleaner and generally more sustainable than fossil or nuclear fuels. Renewable energy is derived principally from Solar radiation and is both the most ancient and modern energy source available.

Direct radiation is used for Solar Power and Heating, whereas Indirect radiation produces Bioenergy (photosynthesis), Water and Wind power.

Non-solar renewables are those produced from Tidal (lunar gravity), Geothermal and Heat gains from Heat Pump Systems
Continued reliance on Fossil and Nuclear Fuels contributes significantly to air pollution and acid rain. In addition, the combustion of fuels and associated carbon dioxide (CO2) generates particulates which enter our respiratory system.

“A recent report led by Kings College London and published by the government’s Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (COMEAP) estimates that between 28,000 and 36,000 people die as a result of air pollution every year in the UK.”

During October 2018 renewable energy supplied 40% of the 25,378 Gigawatt-hours of Electricity consumed in the United Kingdom, representing a 15.8% increase on October 2017 (IEA, 2018).

The increased generation from renewables has contributed significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions associated with electricity. In 2008 the CO2 content of electricity was 0.4960 kg CO2e kWh. By 2018 this had reduced to 0.28307 kg CO2e kWh, a reduction of 43% (BEIS, 2018).

So, switching to renewable electricity today not only contributes to cleaner, safer air quality, it also reduces the effects of Global Warming and with increasing numbers of suppliers now offering renewables at no additional cost, it’s good for the planet and your budget too.

Powerful Allies is in the forefront of renewable energy procurement; all the Half Hourly Electricity contracts we provide can be secured from 100% Renewable sources at no additional cost and www.powerfulalliesgreen.com provides a host of related data for your information.


Are you operating a business or school and looking to make the switch to 100% renewable energy? You can now benefit from our 100% renewable energy contracts that will reduce your energy costs and provide you with a low emission source electricity supply. Get in touch with the Powerful Allies team today to see how switching to 100% renewable energy can benefit your business.


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