RWK Goodman advise on sale of Powerful Allies to Zenergi

Law firm RWK Goodman has acted for the shareholders of leading renewable energy contract provider Powerful Allies on its sale to ECI Partners portfolio company and energy and sustainability services provider, Zenergi. Powerful Allies was founded 10 years ago by James Robson who wanted to “make things better” and be a truly trusted partner for clients needing energy supply support. Read the Rest…

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What is the Targeted Charging Review?

What is the Targeted Charging Review (TCR)? The Targeted Charging Review (TCR) is being implemented from 1st April 2022, the changes will modify the way maintenance and improvements to the Local and National Grid Distribution Systems are paid for. All business energy supplies will be grouped into fixed price bands based on the type of metering, voltage, and capacity. Until Read the Rest…

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What is Renewable or Green Gas?

Biomethane or ‘Biogas’ is a renewable alternative to natural gas, resulting of the decay of organic matter. Biogas can be harvested in an anaerobic digestor or from landfill, and synthetic gas (‘syngas’) can be produced from the gasification of biomass (this process involves heating the biomass to release the volatile gaseous compounds). These gaseous compounds (60-65% methane and 30-35% CO2) Read the Rest…

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LUXe Affordable LED solutions for Independent Schools

The installation of LEDs in Independent Schools will undoubtedly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, so there is no real argument about the long-term necessity for change. There are compelling reasons to adopt LEDs by default. Nevertheless, the financial benefits can be far less obvious to assess. To this end Powerful Allies was recently asked to undertake detailed cost/benefit analyses Read the Rest…

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How Can Schools Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

Could you take on the Carbon Challenge? It’s no secret that School budgets are getting tighter and Business Managers and Bursars are finding themselves in a juggling act between increasing financial pressure to save the pennies and increasing moral pressure to save the planet. But is it possible to do both? Well, here at Powerful Allies we are always looking Read the Rest…

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Are You Ready to Turn Down the Heat?

Are you worried about the rising cost of Winter fuel bills in your School or Business? As the weather turns colder and the leaves begin to fall, our thoughts turn to the winter ahead and the inevitable rising amounts on our fuel bills. The cost of energy starts to rise as demand increases, with the days getting shorter, nights getting Read the Rest…

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Are You Still in The Dark When It Comes to Best Lighting Practices?

Below we take a look at how to make the lighting in Schools more efficient, but you can apply many of these measures to your business too. It’s no lie that lighting makes up a large proportion of your energy bill so identifying ways to reduce this will help keep your budget safe and your School or Business eco-friendly. So, Read the Rest…

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Top 9 Energy Jargon Busters

Are you finding Energy confusing? Here’s our Top 9 Energy Jargon Busters! Energy can be confusing at the best of times, but knowledge is power! As part of our Powerful Allies ethos, we are committed to making things easy and transparent, leaving you free to give your energy to the more important aspects of work life. If you get your Read the Rest…

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