Complete Control

Complete Control – Energy Monitoring & Mentoring Service

Do you need to reduce your business energy cost, reduce your environmental impact and improve your social reputation but do not know where to start?

Complete Control is designed to help businesses reduce their energy use, and improve their economic, social and environmental outcomes, through active energy engagement via a simple subscription service.

Complete Control makes use of seasoned Energy Professionals, that can be called on when needed, providing regular reviews and reports, to help you understand and reduce your energy use, supporting your energy strategy. Our team of dedicated professionals, will monitor your energy with you, making sense of When, Where and How you use energy and provide expert advice to reduce your energy demands. Reducing energy use, will reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, associated with Global Warming, so not only will it help your business reduce its energy cost, it will help improve your Social reputation, and it is good for the environment too!

“Powerful Allies were able to make our energy choices simple! They ensured we achieved cost savings and an effective strategy for future energy management. The savings in time and money have been a huge benefit to the school.” Julie Bromilow (Bursar) Leehurst Swan School.