Open Competition Charter;

Best Value and Best Practice

This unique Charter for Energy Procurement underpins the ethos at Powerful Allies to deliver Best Value and Best Practice energy supply contracts; we are proud to have included this in each and every energy tender and contract we have placed during the past nearly 10 years.


  • All tenders will be open and fully transparent, capable of simple independent audit.
  • Copies of all tender documents will be quickly provided whenever requested.
  • All commission payments to Powerful Allies are warranted as the only payment to be received, and available for verification at any stage.
  • There will be no additional fees payable to Powerful Allies for energy procurement.
  • There will be no hidden rewards or incentives which may distort the choice of supplier.
  • As far as practically possible, all variable (and hence risk bearing) elements will be eliminated.
  • All tariffs and other charges will be highlighted and included within comparisons.
  • The consumption data used for benchmarking will be the latest available, without modification.
  • Powerful Allies will present information without complex industry jargon and in Plain English.


  • Full competitive tender between Powerful Allies Approved Suppliers ensures market forces produce the lowest possible energy supply costs for clients.
  • All tenders will include the existing supplier when they are an Approved Supplier, plus at least 2 other leading alternative suppliers.
  • All Contracts will provide fixed and fully inclusive rates within each energy type.
  • There will be no supplier favouritism, and all relevant Approved Suppliers will be considered during the tender process.
  • All tenders will be fair and accurately presented, without distortion or preference.
  • Comparisons will be comprehensive, simply prepared and clearly presented.

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